Education Opportunities

Dear Judges:

Not later than December 1, 2011, the governing body of a governmental entity that employs a juvenile case manager (JCM) under Article 45.056, Code of Criminal Procedure, is required to adopt minimum training and education standards for juvenile case managers.  TMCEC has created a web page to help cities comply with this requirement.  Go to the Texas Municipal Courts Education Center’s webpage that covers Meeting the S.B. 61 Mandate. Here you will find a sample resolution, model code of ethics, explanations as to the possible meaning of the training and educational standards set forth in SB 61, and more. These materials will be helpful to you as tools to adapt to meet local needs.

There is also a page on the TMCEC website now that outlines the training that TMCEC is offering for juvenile case managers at this time. Go to the Programs webpage for Juvenile Case Managers.

Please do not hesitate to call or email TMCEC if you have suggestions or questions.  TMCEC hopes to add a page with useful links for JCMs the website soon, so if you have ideas of helpful websites, please send contact Hope Lochridge at TMCEC.


Celeste Villarreal
Associate Judge, City of Austin
Chair, Municipal Judges Section, State Bar of Texas